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Students Become Stormwater Superheroes

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On Nov. 19, Marine Education Specialist Ali Stevens from the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County presented a special workshop to third grade students in the district's Investigate program. During the session titled Stormwater Superheroes, students explored what they can do to help local bays and watersheds stay free from pollution.

Throughout the workshop, students learned what a storm drain system is and why it is important. They also discovered how various kinds of pollution make their way into the bay and ocean and how it affects local marine life. The students participated in a hands-on demonstration of a water drain system and saw firsthand what happens when water become polluted.

To conclude the session, Investigate students brainstormed ways to help prevent some of the discussed pollution types from entering the watershed. They also learned how water pollution can have a negative impact on local marine animals and had an opportunity to study a horseshoe crab.