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Students get creative at Bellerose

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Second graders at Bellerose Avenue Elementary School explored the school’s makerspace on Nov. 15. 

Students spent time “tinkering” with varying gadgets found at four different stations, which included Magformers, KEVA Planks, Cubelets and MPies. The students were allotted four minutes per station and, after neatly putting their creations away to prepare for the next group, recorded what they liked about each station in their maker journals. 

The school’s makerspace is one of three within the district. Complete with flexible furniture, the newly designed classrooms are a perfect space for students to flex their creative muscles and develop critical thinking skills. 

According to Superintendent of Schools Robert Banzer, the spaces align perfectly with the district’s goal to maximize student opportunities in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. These spaces, which are a part of the “Maker Movement,” incorporate all of those areas in a new and fun way. “Overall, it’s a great opportunity for students,” he said.