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Northport High School Math Honor Society Students Honored during Reception

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Students who excel in mathematics were recognized on January 10 during the Math Honor Society induction at Northport High School. 53 students were inducted following opening remarks from Chairperson of Mathematics Robin Rann and keynote speaker and alum Noah Rosenzweig, class of 2021. 
When addressing the students and their families, Rosenzweig encouraged students to focus on balancing their time between career and home life, while also being committed to their goals. Using a candle as a metaphor, he concluded his speech by encouraged students to take care of themselves first. 
“I don’t think I have to explain this one much, but please take care of yourself. If you push yourself too much, or for too long, you’re much more likely to burn out,” he said. He encouraged students to set boundaries and do the best they can while understanding that mental and physical health comes first. 
Students were then called one by one to the stage to receive their certificates from teachers and administrators before hearing closing remarks from student Todd Petry, who was named the math department’s student of the month earlier this school year. 
“Being inducted into the Math Honor Society not only shows the successes in your math classes, but also shows you are willing to demonstrate leadership and service in mathematics as well,” Todd said. 
Congratulations to the following students who were inducted during yesterday evening’s ceremony!

Amanda Bertolino 
Jacob Bollo 
Chloe Bonomo 
Makayla Browne 
Abigail Buonagurio 
Lily Carr 
Iris Chan 
Hannah Cho 
Vivienne Cierski 
Kailey Ciszek 
Lillian Clements 
Isabell Colacicco 
Christopher Collier 
Patrick Cooney 
Ozan Demir 
Elena DeRiso 
Lia Edlin Miller 
Madeline Gallagher 
Emilia Greco 
Thomas Hardick 
Jamie Inzerillo 
Jenna Jasulavic 
Samuel Johnson 
Mackenzie Kirincic 
Erin Klein 
Sebastian Ko 
Marie Kovacs 
Evan Liu 
Charles Loeber 
Andrew Marion 
Sienna McArdle 
Brandon Murphy 
Sofia Ng 
Zoey Nussbaum 
Makenna O’Brien 
Jessica Ochoa 
Charlotte Petronella 
George Racz 
Quinn Reynolds 
Noah Rickman 
Isabella Rodriguez 
Samuel Rosenfeld-McMahon 
James Schatz 
Kyle Scheibe 
Timothy Sheahan 
Dylan Sofarelli 
Luke Tuthill 
Tara Weiss 
Emily Wickard 
Sophia Winger 
Lacey Zaharis 
Molly Zambri 
Nathan Zarko