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Molly Gonzalez Named Rotary Student of the Month for Music

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Congratulations to senior Molly Gonzalez on being named the Rotary Student of the Month for music! 
During the May 9 Board of Education meeting, Molly was recognized by her teachers for her ability to successfully juggle her participation in multiple music ensembles, extracurricular activities and academic programs. She is a drum major in the marching band, principal in Symphonic Winds, and plays the flute in both symphony orchestra and pit orchestra. 
“Molly does anything she is asked to do, no matter what ensemble it’s for. She goes above and beyond,” said band director and music teacher Lynn Cromeyn.
“I think my skills in being a leader and talking to other people have really grown through the music department. Particularly being a drum major, I’ve gotten to connect with a lot of different people who I otherwise wouldn’t get to know or see. I think that has really made me more confident in everything I do,” said Molly. 
Molly will be studying biomedical engineering at Northwestern University in the fall and plans to join the marching band while there.